Please note that the following is subject to change, following government advice and any local or national restrictions.

Participants must not attend the race if they are showing any signs of Covid-19 symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to sense of smell or taste

Likewise, if anyone in your household/support bubble displays symptoms associated with COVID-19, or if you are isolating following Government guidance, you must not attend.

The event site will be more spaced out that usual, to allow for easier social distancing.

Collection of chips and numbers (by runners) will be outdoors. Participants should maintain social distancing of 2m and wear face coverings when approaching the table.

Participants must practise good personal hygiene at all times (including use of 70%+ alcohol hand sanitiser) – before arriving, at registration, when using toilets, when passing through water stations, etc.

We will be operating a ‘staggered start’ with runners safely distanced, starting in waves. There will be clearly marked out waiting zones. For this reason (for the purposes of seeding the waves), we have requested an approximate finishing time on the entry form. We will inform you which wave you are in at registration and will announce over the tannoy when it is time for your wave to enter the waiting area.

Participants should avoid running in the slipstream of other participants. Overtaking on course must be done at a safe distance of 2m+

Throughout the course, marshals will be required to maintain social distancing of 2m (or 1m+ with face coverings). In the recent history of the Gate Gallop the weather has been hot on the day. As such, we will still operate water stations (see “event” page for details). These will be “no-contact”: marshals will fill cups and place them on the table(s), runners will slow to pick them up.

After the finish, you will have the opportunity to pick up a Goody bag, in which you will also find your race medal. This will again be a “contactless” process and will take place in a clearly marked zone slightly beyond the finish line. To maintain social distancing, you will be asked to move steadily through this area. Volunteers, with appropriate PPE, will be on hand to guide you through this area and to collect back the timing chips.

Spectating in small groups will be allowed. If you are spectating, please follow social distancing guidance as above. Anyone entering the event site other than runners will be asked to “check in” via a QR code, or to alternatively give their name to a marshal, for track and trace.

Given the wave starts and current restrictions on gatherings, we will not be operating a live in-person prize giving ceremony this year. If you win a trophy you can expect to receive something in the post!